Sexiest Places For Body Art To Get More Hookups

A tattoo can be proud to show the world that there is no shame or hesitation in a particular place on the body to put your artwork in the spotlight for the ultimate effect. Make your body history a tattoo, a chapter tattoo or, at other times, one of many. There is no shortage of men and women who are drawn to sexy tattoos as long as they are in the right place. Some people find tattoos sexy because they are in the sexiest areas of the body. If you are a big fan of ink, your attraction to men will increase as their number of tattoos increase. Here is a list of the best places for great ideas and attractive looking tattoos for women.


The neck, where the hair is lined up, is a nice place to get a tattoo. Hide the tattoo with long hair and a high collar shirt to flaunt if you want. These are cool and sexy to look at, especially if worn on short hair. If your husband has a tattoo, you will love watching him walk and you will also love seeing him approaching.


The thighs are one of the sexiest and most seductive places for girls. A popular choice for sexy tattoos are stockings, lace patterns, bows, flirty inscriptions, etc. The designs you can fit into are as diverse as the extensions of thigh tattoos. This is one of the best places for women to get tattoos. When girls choose the booty for a new tattoo, try a short miniskirt to show off this excellent form of exciting art.

Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos tend to be close to the bone so they can hurt, but they should be small and not last too long. This area is also known for smaller, more delicate designs, which is why most women who want smaller tattoos tend to do so. By placing the tattoo there, you can enjoy it on the side of your fingers. Some tattoos are easier to cover with a ring, depending on the size, but if that is not your intention, a ring can emphasize your tattooing. If you want a finger tattoo but are afraid that fingerprints will run down, is one of the best places on the top of your finger.

Forearm / Wrist

If you want something smaller, your forearm or wrist is a perfect place to place it. The placement of the inner wrist tattoo tops the list of the best places to get a tattoo for women in the past year. We looked at the hottest profiles on SexFriend, the popular hookup dating app, and 60% of the top women had a tattoo here.


The back is a great spot that is easy to cover. Tattoos on the upper back are medium to large tattoos that cover the area of the back and are usually placed under the shoulder blades.  You can combine your back and neck with a full back and shoulders to enhance and enlarge them. 


The beauty of tattoos on the inner arm is that you can choose who sees them. They are not exposed, and people die to take a second look. People make a different impression on their tattoos because you have no control over who sees the tattoos, but on the occasions when you flash them, you have the upper hand.

When a man wears a tank top, you often see him getting ink on his short sleeves, where the part of the tattoo sticks out. 


Some opt for a single pec, while others opt for breast tattoos that cover the entire center of the chest area.

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