3D Carving – Graffiti Body Art – Znag – Russia

Graffiti Body Art is a ‘Raw’ urban art form that has spread to all corners of the world.  It started many years ago in France with Street Graffiti writers painting their letters and names on their girlfriends as a mark of adoration and since then it has now spread world wide especially popular in Latin America, Europe and Australia.  The art-form is referred to by many as ‘Graffiti on Girls’

3d Graffiti Leg Znag

The ‘hollow leg’ image above went viral earlier this year, but with no credit attached to this it was thought to have been a photo-shopped image. However we can confirm this is not the case. The 3D Carved leg was created by Russian Graffiti artist, Znag.  We have been in touch with Znag who has sent us some more photos of his impressive 3D work.


Znag 3d Body Graffiti

Like many Graffiti Body Painters Znag uses an artist paint pen to create his works and although this choice of medium will certainly create debate among many professional body artists, the images themselves are impressive non the less and Znag is certainly ‘carving‘ himself out a niche

3D Graffiti Body Painting

graffiti body art

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