Bodypaint Artists

The Bodypaint artists featured on LOVE BODY ART are from every corner of the globe. Some are professional bodypainters who make their living from creating amazing artistic designs, while others are amateur artists who just like to paint and express on a human canvas.

Many artists are available for private and commercial commissions, events and media. You can contact them directly via their websites links at the bottom of each post.

John poppleton UV Horse Lightning blacklight

John poppleton (Blacklight Bodypaintings )

Human Temple Body Painting

Human Temple – Trina Merry

bodypaint me UV Bodypaint


Fantasy One Craig tracy

Fantasy One Craig Tracy

bodypaint graffiti illusion WISER Ironlak spray paint

Graffiti Can Illusion – WISER Oner (Prints available )


Airballin Tiger bodpaint



All photos and images published on LOVE BODY ART™ have been published with the permission of the original artist /photographer who retain full copyright on all images./ Please credit artist, artists website and this blog source if you intend to republish.

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