‘Marvels of Nature’ – Emma Fay

Seahorse Body Painting

‘Marvels of Nature’ is the name of Emma Fay’s stunning series of Body painted Human Animals.  To create these fantastic looking designs Emma teamed up with Contortionist models Beth Sykes and Lowri Thomas and photographer Jonathan Macauley. The images, particularity the Human Giraffe have had worldwide coverage after being published on many of the global news and image sites. UK readers may have seen Emma’s Spider Bodypainting on the Popular UK ITV Daytime TV show’ The Paul O’Grady Show’ on 9th May 2014 where the spider made a crawling entrance on to the show.

Spider Bodypainting

‘A long came a spider’ – Tarantula Bodypainting

Human Giraffe Bodypainting - Emma Fay

 Human Giraffe Bodypainting

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