Human Motorcycles Bodypaint -Trina Merry

Motorcycle body Art

San Francisco, CA- Fine art bodypainter Trina Merry and her ART ALIVE Gallery team created three bodypainted human motorcycles to promote the International Motorcycle Roadshow tour starting November 2nd.   Through teamwork, they pushed through impossibility together to create a cutting-edge work of art.  It is one of the most ambitious and highly inventive bodypaintings ever created.  This creative team invented living human Transformers-  a Sport Bike, Dirt Bike & Cruiser- that can breathe, move & even be tickled.

While bodypaint has gained popularity in the media over the last twenty years through Sports Illustrated Magazine, Demi Moore’s famous Vanity Fair cover and the recent success of Goteye’s music video “ Somebody I Used to Know”, the Art Alive Gallery team has pushed the boundaries & invented something fresh with their Human Motorcycle Project.

“It was a giant human jigsaw puzzle.  Each person’s natural shape, strength, and athleticism helped to build each part of the motorcycle.  It is hands down the most ambitious, difficult and rewarding projects I have been a part of so far.” –Trina Merry, Lead bodypainter

Erin Bates, motor cross celebrity, was the featured rider of the human motorcycle made up of circus performers, yoga instructors, dancers & models from the San Francisco Bay Area.

 Behind the scenes video produced by Cinnepixtor Media

“The motorcycle project from start to finish was the greatest lesson I’ve learned thus far about the magnitude of human potential in teamwork.  The experience of transforming a small group of dedicated models into the image of a motorcycle, at one point seemed relatively impossible.  The end result is certainly what validates the truth ‘anything is possible if you believe’.” – Lana Baumgartner, human canvas & yoga instructor

“It was an amazing learning, growing and binding experience.  We made the impossible & unheard of possible!” – Ciara McLemore, human canvas

“It was never a question of whether it was possible.  With this team, it always feels like anything is possible.” –Juan Moreno, Photographer

The Art Alive Gallery is an installation and performance troupe devoted to sharing fine art bodypaint.  They are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and travel nationally.  They bring works from the San Jose Museum of Art’s permanent collection to life with a bodypaint installation October 13th, 2012.

International Motorcycle Shows will be touring the country November 2012- February 2013.  For more information please visit


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