Laurita Mazapàn – Body Paint Artist (Spain / UK)

Laurita Mazapàn Bodypainting - barrotes

Last month we featured this piece of body art called ‘Connected’ (below) by Laurita Mazapan, we are delighted to bring you more of Spanish born Laurita’s Body paints and a few words from her on how she started bodypainting herself (literally).

Laurita Mazapàn Bodypainting -Connection


Laurita Mazapàn Bodypainting -Cuore tocarla


“I was born in Madrid 1982 but I am from Alcalà de Henares and use to spend all the weekends and summer in a small village called Razbona (Guadalajara) where I lived the most part of my childhood and adolescence. I loved painting since I was a child but I never liked learning art at school, it was very boring for me to copy pictures and do things that never allowed me to free my ideas. When I was 14 I took some lessons with my neighbor and learnt things in the context of the villages around Razbona, but I never went to art school for more than 1 month.

Laurita Mazapàn Body painting -where is the spring

 ‘Where is the spring?’

I studied Nursing for 3 years and later Psychology for another 5 years (working as a nurse and studying), I had to stop painting as I did not have time. Then in 2011, I spent the last year of my psychology degree in Rome where I started to take some pics, streetphotography, I enjoyed but did not like very much. 

Laurita Mazapàn Bodypainting -Amanecer.jpgLaurita Mazapàn Bodypainting -La liberacion de la libelula.jpgLaurita Mazapàn Bodypainting -La metamorfosis.jpgLaurita Mazapàn Body paint-Body and mind.jpgLaurita Mazapàn Body painter.jpg

My real vocation arrived one year ago when I decided to paint my body to show how I felt. It was amazing. It was not an easy time for me, coming to London (January 2012) and adapting to city life and leaving behind all my lovely life in Spain, the art became an escape route.  However I have now adapted to urban life and I use body painting and photography as a diary of my life, showing my feelings and experiences, sometimes to portray the feelings of my close people as well. I love conceptual art and will continue with it.” Laurita Mazapàn

Laurita Mazapàn Bodypainting - lágrimas

 ‘Làgrimas, flores y mariposas’ / ‘Tears, flowers and butterflies’

Laurita Mazapàn on Flickr  /  Facebook (Personal)


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