‘HalfSkin’ – Body Painting by Mira Melaluca – Melbourne

Half skin body art by Mira Melaluca

“These are the second set of images we are featuring from of a body painting competition that took place at Melbourne Studio of Art in Melbourne, Australia in October 2012. Guidelines for contestants were to paint half a body within four hours, and guests at the event were able to watch the artists at work after half-time. The competitors came up with phenomenal results, and the photos from Dina Studio are a testament to their great work.” The event was coordinated by Lainie Cann , a visual artist also from Melbourne (Post 2 of 4)

Half skin Body painting


Body-painting-Mira Melaluca-melbourne

bodypainter Mira Melaluca

Bio: “Mira Melaluca is an artist inspired by a huge range of interests including visionary art, surrealism, psychology, cross cultural views of the self, dance and performance art. Originally from Canberra and now based in Melbourne, Mira strives to explore the expression of human concepts on the human body. HalfSkin was an abstract performance experiment in how to paint only half one’s body, to see the contrast between figure and ground, vivid colour and nature, meticulous straight lines and expressive paint throwing, and ultimately how it makes you feel!”

Title of work: HalfSkin
Artist: Mira Melaluca Email
Models: Amelia / Photography: Dina Studio /Dina Studio Facebook


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