Elena Tagliapietra – Body Painter – Venice, Italy

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Elena Tagliapietra is a Venetian artist, protagonist of Italian and international scene of bodypainting in recent years. A natural progression move her to contemporary art ,using the body as an expressive painting.

Elena Tagliapietra Body painting

In 2004 she got into  the fashion industry, becoming in a few years a well-established makeup artist and a body painter known internationally. She won the Italian title of body painting in 2007, awarded by the jury president art critic Vittorio Sgarbi; she came third at the World Body Painting Festival in 2011, participating in Body Art Fashion Show in 2012. In 2008 and 2009 she judged the Italian Body Painting Festival and became Artistic Director since 2010. In 2011 she was published in the book’ Body Art Fashion by Karala B. She is member of the ColorSensation team, the 3 italians BodyPainters qualified to the highest industry awards.

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Since 2010 she has been into more conceptual work and has focused on the condition of her generation in today’s society. She made the stopmotion video’ Blackpainter ‘, from which she produced the photo ‘ Blackpainter scream’ sold at auction by Sotheby’s in March 2012.


Elena Tagliapietra

Just a week earlier, she had achieved, as a finalist, the performance ‘Numbers in motion’ during the opening of Arte Laguna Prize 11.12, winning the Special prize ‘Leo Galleries’. The same performance became the protagonist of ‘Venice Art Night’ 2012 and of the exhibition ‘The Seven Deadly Sins – the seven virtues’ held in Arona (Novara). Her video was selected for the Fonlad Festival 2012 and was shown at the Web Art Center of Coimbra, Portugal.


She is appreciated by critics and curators as Igor Zanti and Michela Papavassiliou who write about her :   ”Elena Tagliapietra sculpts the body to isolate the essence of the mark. ‘The Scream’ by Munch lives in her works by soaking in an urban, intense, dramatic contemporary style. (..) Tagliapietra mirrors through her photos a generation change which is fed up of looking within, struggling and not fully understanding the meaning of things. In this exciting, young artist, awareness is useful to take act, without wondering too much about it. So her visual messages thrown into the ether certainly have only the date of departure.’

Elena Tagliapietra Body artist

In January 2013 she is going to open her first personal event at the art gallery ‘Leo Galleries’ in Monza ( Milan). You can see more of Elena’s work at

www.makeupandbodypainting.it  /   www.elenatagliapietra.it and on Elenas Make up and Body Painting page on facebook 


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