‘Cyber Siren’ Bodypainting – Benjamin Tolmie – NZ / Australia

Cyber Siren body painting - Benjamin Tolmie
Cyber Siren Body Art  Benjamin Tolmie

“This is the final set of images we’ve featuring from a bodypainting competition that took place at Melbourne Studio of Art in Melbourne, Australia in October 2012. Guidelines for contestants were to paint half a body within four hours, and guests at the event were able to watch the artists at work after half-time. The competitors came up with phenomenal results, and the photos from Dina Studio are a testament to their great work.” The event was coordinated by Lainie Cann , a visual artist also from Melbourne (Post 4 of 4)

Cyber Siren bodypainting  Benjamin Tolmie


Cyber Siren Benjamin Tolmie Bodypainting.jpgCyber Siren with bodypainter Benjamin Tolmie.jpg

Bio: “Benjamin Tolmie is a New Zealand born Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Melbourne Australia.The visual arts have always been Ben’s passion and he works across several mediums including airbrushing, digital, oil, acrylic and bodypainting. Influenced by science fiction, fantasy and a fantastical imagination Ben loves creating unique and other worldly designs, people and landscapes.”

Title of work: Cyber Siren
Artist: Benjamin Tolmie
Model: Natalia Cho / Photography: Dina Studio /Dina Studio Facebook

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