Human Temple Bodypainting by Trina Merry

Human Temple Body Painting

This fantastic ‘Human Temple’ body paint construction was created by Artist Trina Merry, who is currently residing in  New York, NY. Trina explains how she created a living temple out of seventeen naked circus performers and dancers to raise awareness for “Beyond the Four Walls”, a social business venture accelerating new media, ICT and STEM startups led by women in Nepal.

Trina spent only thirty minutes of intense focus to puzzle together the human temple out of bodies and then took nine hours to masterfully create this art piece live at WORKS San Jose Gallery.

Human Temple Trina Merry

“The painting is temporary, like a Tibetan sand painting, beginning to change into another work as soon as I stop painting, changing texture & color.”

Human Temple body art

“It was difficult to get all seventeen models in position for the final photograph and video, but with the help of a Buddhist monk leading the audience in a mediative chant, the models held still just long enough to get the final shot.”

Trina Merry Bodypainted Temple


“This temple moves beyond a simple “WOW” factor to help empower the women of Nepal touched by ‘Beyond the Four Walls’. We are excited to partner with them and bring awareness to these talented and beautiful women,” says Merry.

Trina Merry Human Temple

Nepal is the only country in the world where women have a shorter life expectancy then men. Many young girls are either sold into slavery to pay off family debts or married off as young as age nine. Women are responsible for all the hard labor and domestic duties of the house. Only 1% of women in Nepal attend college. Violent acts against women have been well documented in recent news in southeast Asia.

About “Beyond the Four Walls

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‘Blink’ – FacePaint animation – Emma Allen

Blink -Facepaint Animation

‘Blink’ is the name of this latest short FacePaint animation video by UK Face/Body Artist, Emma Allen.  Blink only lasts 10 seconds and was produced for the launch of the ultrashort film making competition on - probably best not to Blink yourself, as you may miss it.

‘Blink’ is a follow up the Emma’s other facepaint animation video ‘Ruby’ which has now clocked up over 700,000 views on Vimeo ! Well done Emma.

Ruby – Face Paint Animation – Emma Allen

This fantastic metamorphic face paint animation is by London based face and body artist Emma Allen.

“Ruby is an animated self portrait exploring the idea samsara and energy transfer through make up . I took over 780 photographs over 5 days of painting. It’s named after my Aunt who recently passed away.” -Emma Allen

Hats off to Emma for her patience and dedication in creating this. What an amazing result.


Face Paint animation Emma Allen.jpgFace Paint animation Ruby.jpgFace Paint Ruby Emma Allen.jpgFace Paint Tiger.jpgRuby Face Paint animation.jpgRuby Face Paint.jpg

Face Paint animation Ruby