‘Blink’ – FacePaint animation – Emma Allen

Blink -Facepaint Animation

‘Blink’ is the name of this latest short FacePaint animation video by UK Face/Body Artist, Emma Allen.  Blink only lasts 10 seconds and was produced for the launch of the ultrashort film making competition on - probably best not to Blink yourself, as you may miss it.

‘Blink’ is a follow up the Emma’s other facepaint animation video ‘Ruby’ which has now clocked up over 700,000 views on Vimeo ! Well done Emma.

Ruby – Face Paint Animation – Emma Allen

This fantastic metamorphic face paint animation is by London based face and body artist Emma Allen.

“Ruby is an animated self portrait exploring the idea samsara and energy transfer through make up . I took over 780 photographs over 5 days of painting. It’s named after my Aunt who recently passed away.” -Emma Allen

Hats off to Emma for her patience and dedication in creating this. What an amazing result.


Face Paint animation Emma Allen.jpgFace Paint animation Ruby.jpgFace Paint Ruby Emma Allen.jpgFace Paint Tiger.jpgRuby Face Paint animation.jpgRuby Face Paint.jpg

Face Paint animation Ruby

Fiat Car – Mass Bodypainting – Made of Pure Muscle

Fiat Car Bodypainting

Over the last couple of days the engine of the Internet has been revving up with the release of photos from Fiat’s latest ad campaign ! A Multi person Bodypainting project led by Craig Tracy from New Orleans. Thanks to Craig for sending a few additional photos which show how this was created.

Car bodypaint Craig tracy

“I was asked by Fiat and the prestigious Dallas based agency The Richards Group to create two separate and distinctly different human cars in two consecutive days. The process took several days of pre-paint preparation. The 3/4 angle took 11 hours to paint and involved 16 bodies and the front view was painted the very next day involving 11 bodies and took 8 hours.  My Key assistant was Trina Merry and my two other assistant were Airballin‘s De Andre Drake and Melissa Hoffmann. The project was done in San Francisco at Left Space Studios using Photographer RJ Muna ” – Craig Tracy – July 2013


Car bodypainting Airbrush Craig Tracy

Fiat bodyart craig tracy trina merry

Fiat bodypainting Craig tracy

Fiat bodypaint Craig tracy


Levitation – BodyPainting – Les Pygmalions

levitation bodypaint les pygmalions

bodypainting levitation

bodypaint levitation

Tittle: “Levitation” BodyPainting by Les Pygmalions

It was first time Les Pygmalions visited Metz (France). The Bodypainting Project is a Collaboration with photographer Ludovic Charles Florent.