Innovative Bodypainting – taking the artform in new directions

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3DSeptember 1, 2014

3D Printing meets Bodypainting

From paint to plastic .. A worlds first – 3D Printing meets Bodypainting. Mr Shiz and My3DTwin create the worlds first 3d bodypainted figurine

BODY ART VIDEOSAugust 16, 2014

Painted: Stop Motion Body Art meets DnB

Painted is an experiment in stop motion face & body painting that plays with the idea of giving paint it’s own life and personality on a living canvas.

EMMA FAYMay 19, 2014

‘Marvels of Nature’ – Emma Fay

‘Marvels of Nature’ is the name of Emma Fay’s stunning series of Human Animals. Seahorse, Human Giraffe and Tarantula Bodypaintings

FUND RAISINGApril 26, 2014

Human Temple Bodypainting by Trina Merry

Fantastic ‘Human Temple’ body paint created by Trina Merry out of seventeen naked circus performers and dancers to raise awareness for “Beyond the Four Walls” project in Nepal.

EMMA ALLENJanuary 30, 2014

‘Blink’ – FacePaint animation – Emma Allen

‘Blink’ – A short FacePaint animation video by UK Face/Body Artist, Emma Allen.

BODY ART VIDEOSOctober 21, 2013

Ruby – Face Paint Animation – Emma Allen

‘Ruby’ – A Face Paint Animation by Emma Allen (London) …. 780 photographs and over 5 days of painting


Fiat Car – Mass Bodypainting – Made of Pure Muscle

Fiat Car – Impressive multi person Bodypainting project involving 16 models led by Craig Tracy with support from Trina Merry, Airballin, Melissa Hoffman.

INNOVATIONMay 29, 2013

Levitation – BodyPainting – Les Pygmalions

“Levitation” BodyPainting by Les Pygmalions – Bodypainting Collaboration with photographer Ludovic Charles Florent

EMMA FAYApril 1, 2013

Emma Fay – Concept Body Artist – UK

A selection of Body art from Emma Fay – UK Concept Body Artist

INNOVATIONMarch 19, 2013

24×360 bullet time – light and bodypainting – Yandel

24×360 an artistic and experimental project using 24 cameras and lightpainting techniques with bodypainting by Yandel

FUND RAISINGDecember 30, 2012

3D Body Paint Hologram – Paul Roustan

Paul Roustans Kick-starter Hologram body paint project received full backing and takes body art in to a new visual dimension. The video includes a time lapse of the body paint and photos of the holography process.

BODY ART VIDEOSOctober 14, 2012

Body Crash ! Motorcar Body Paint – Emma Hack

These pictures are from a recent project from Australian body painter Emma Hack which takes on a 4 wheeled project. The finished piece took over 18 hours to create and uses 17 body painted men and women.

INNOVATIONOctober 10, 2012

Human Motorcycles Bodypaint -Trina Merry

Human Motorcycles Bodypaint – Trina Merry and her ART ALIVE Gallery team created three bodypainted human motorcycles to promote the International Motorcycle Roadshow

BODY ART VIDEOSOctober 7, 2012

Art Meets Innovation – Joanne Gair – Nike

NIKE enlisted the skills of Body paint and MUA artist Joanne Gair to eliminate the space between foot and shoe by painting the Dynamic Fit-assisted Nike LunarEclipse

INNOVATIONSeptember 30, 2012

Holographic Body Painting – Kickstart for Bodyart

A message from Paul Roustan on his innovative project to create the first high quality 3 Dimensional Body Paint