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Body Painting Anke CatesbyKoi-bodypainting

“Hello there curious one…..My name is Anke, I am an artist living in Brisbane, Australia. Nudes have always been my thing, no idea where they came from…..but the female form just seemed to flow so naturally, that I kept with that general theme for many years.Lately I have been drawn towards painting ON bodies, using the human form as a living canvas. I painted my first human in November 2012, so this is a very new journey. Feel free to share the fun with me as I put up photos of each body painting on Facebook and my website”. - Anke Catesby

c77-Japanese Body Art Painting Anke Catesby.jpgc88-Japanese Body Painting Anke Catesby.jpgJapanese Body Art Anke Catesby.jpgdragon Body painting Art happens - Anke Catesby.jpg


Cyber bodypainting - Anke Catesby


So as you can see, in my house…Art happens … when you are naked. Art happens / Art happens – Anke CatesbyFacebook

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