Guido Daniele – Bodypainting – Italy

Guido Daniele Bodypainting suit

Guido Daniele, a career artist, has been bodypainting for over 20 years. In recent years he has become most famous for his Animal hand paintings which must be some of the most viral images on the internet.

Guido Daniele African Body Art


ILOVEBODYART contacted Guido and invited him to feature some of his full bodypainting pieces. We were delighted when he replied with a selection of his favorite photos which you can see here. Thank you Guido.

Guido Daniele Body Painting


Bodypainting by Guido Daniele  2.jpgGuido Daniele Body Art 1.jpgGuido Daniele Body Art.jpgGuido Daniele Body painting 1.jpgGuido Daniele Body painting 2.jpgGuido Daniele Bodypainting 1.jpgGuido Daniele Bodypainting 3.jpg

c64-Guido Daniele African Body Painting.jpgBody Art Guido Daniele.jpgBodypainting by Guido Daniele  3.jpgGuido Daniele Bodypainting 2.jpgGuido Daniele Bodypainting 5.jpgGuido Daniele Italian Bodypainter.jpg


 Guido Daniele ©

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