Body painting Art from BodyPaint artists all over the world.

LOVE BODY ART publishes creative Body Painting Art from artists all over the world. Innovative, expressive Body Art in all its forms & genres.

Julie Boehm – Camouflage Projects

Julie Boehm is a multimedial artist from Germany who creates body paintings, digital compositings and canvas paintings. These photos are from Julie’s Camouflage series


3D Printing meets Bodypainting

From paint to plastic .. A worlds first – 3D Printing meets Bodypainting. Mr Shiz and My3DTwin create the worlds first 3d bodypainted figurine


Emanuela Peretto aka Lela Perez Bodypainter 2014

Italian Bodypainter Emanuela Peretto presents ..Ganesh Camouflage, Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, Beatles Abbey Road tribute and 3rd Place in the 2014 world Fluoro/UV awards

Awesome, Inspirational Body Art created on a Human canvas!

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John Poppleton “Black Light Bodyscapes”

Fluorescent Bodyscapes – UV body paintings and Black light photography by John Poppleton of Wellsville, Utah (USA).


‘Life of Flight’ – A Bodypaint Series by Spinks, UK

‘Life in Flight’ is a stunning new high quality collection of Bird themed body paintings from Bristol based bodypaint artist ‘Spinks’


Gesine Marwedel – The Finger !

“This goes to every person, company and agency, that is not paying the artists or asking us to work for free. We are doing hard work and we need to be paid, because we have bills just like everybody else”


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – ‘Ice Princess’

Ice Bucket Challenge – Bodypaint style – “Yesterday I was challenged to do the ALS Ice Bucket and I did… but with a twist meet the ‘Ice Princess’ ” – Rebecca Lyyski


New York City Camouflage – Trina Merry

New York City Camouflage – Trina Merry makes her model blend in to some of NYC’s most famous landmarks including Manhattan Bridge, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and the Gotham Skyline


Riina Laine – 2014 World Bodypaint Champion in brush/sponge category

Riina Laine from Finland achieved her dreams and won 1st place in brush/sponge category at this years World Bodypainting Festival in Austria (2014)


Nicole Aspradakis – “Bodypainting Beautiful”

Beautiful Bodypaintings from artist Nicole Aspradakis who was Born in Australia then grew up in Greece and now lives in London, UK