Body Painting Art from all across the world.

I LOVE BODY ART showcases and promotes BodyPainting Art from BodyPaint artists all over the world. Innovative, expressive Body Art in all its forms & genres. Here you will find over 1,300 photos by over 150 professional and amateur artists, more are added every week. Artistic styles include Fine Art Bodypainting, UV Black light, Camouflage Body Painting, Special FX Illusions to multi-person masterpieces. View a selection of ‘best on the web’ body painting videos and check out the Body Art Gallery where you can browse through all the artwork.


  • Spider Bodypainting
    'Tarantula' Emma Fay - Marvels of Nature series
  • Bodypaint Game of Thrones
    Game of Thrones Body Paint – Julie Hassett
  • 2014 Football World Cup Bodypaint
    2014 Football World Cup – In Bodypaint
  • Natalie Fletcher Landscape NYC Central Park
    NYC Central Park - Natalie Fletcher
  • Chameleon Bodypainting Gesine Marwedel
    Chameleon Bodypainting Gesine Marwedel
  • Human Temple Bodypainting Trina Merry
    Human Temple - Trina Merry
  • Craig Tracy Body Painting
    'Desire' - Craig Tracy
  • Metalic Bodypaint
    Metalic Body Paintings by Dewayne Flowers
  • Graffiti Camo Body painting - Orly Faya
    Graffiti Camo Body painting - Orly Faya
  • Body painting Susanne van Zeeland
    'The Wave' - Susanne van Zeeland
  • frog-body-painting-johannes-stoetter
    Tropical frog - johannes stoetter
  • Motorbike bodypainting Trina Merry
    Human MotorCycles - Trina Merry