Yandel Bodypainter – Bodyart from Montréal

Yandel Bodypainter - photo Dany Synnott

Bodypainter: Yandel / Photographer: Dany Synnott

Yandel is a Montréal based Body artist who takes his bodypainting skills to events and clubs to inject that extra color and razzmatazz to the party ! He’s also good enough to film a lot of his work to show how it’s done.  Check these videos below and more over on Yandel’s YouTube

Yandel Bodypainter


yandel bodypainter body art

Argaive.Photography Yandel Body painting.pngArgaive.Photography Yandel Bodypainter.pngBody paint with Yandel.pngBody painter Yandel.jpgBodyart with Yandel.jpg


Bodypainter: Yandel  / Photography: Argaive.Photography

See more from Yandel at  www.eurekart.ca / Yandel on YouTube/ Yandel on Facebook 



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