Wiser – Graffiti Body Art and Beyond.

Wiser Body Art Graffiti tour 2013

These ‘bodyrockin’ photos and short video below are from Graffiti Bodypainter WISER Oner from Colorado who is currently touring a few lucky US states and holding Body art workshops to teach people how the can create their own Graffiti Body painting.

” We will focus on some of the foundations of graffiti: letter form, composition and flow. From simple tags to wildstyle letters you will learn how to structure letters, put together words and names, and use the best colour combinations for the maximum wow factor. We will also focus on some different letter effects and imagery that will take your body graffiti to the next level! Learn how to give your graffiti different themes, FX, and awesome imagery that will give your pieces an urban edge! After this workshop you will be able to “tag” your name or anyone’s elses with confidence ” 

Deliciously Evil -Wiser Body Graffiti Art

Deliciously Evil

Read more about Wiser’s Graffiti and Beyond Workshops

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