Uniko Girls – Bodypainting by Mesh – France

Uniko Girls body paint smily faces

‘Uniko Girls’ is a body paint project created and run by ‘Mesh’ (Christophe Roy) , a French Graffiti writer turned Body painter.  The project began in 2011 and since then Mesh has painted and personally photographed many volunteer models, make everyone one Unique (Unik) www.uniko-girls.book.fr

Uniko Girls french bodypainting

Unikor Bodypainting

Uniko body paint.jpgUnikor bodypaint 2.jpgUnikor bodypaint 3.jpgUnikor bodypaint.jpg

Uniko Girls bodypainting with Gkill


Uniko Girls Colab with G-kill

Uniko Girls Body painting - game boy

Uniko Girls – Game Boy Body paint

Uniko Girls body paint.jpgUniko Girls Body painting - gameboy.jpgUniko Girls graffiti Body painting.jpgUniko La Mer Bodypainting.jpg

Uniko Girls aqua body paint

UNIKO Girls on Facebook and www.uniko-girls.book.fr

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