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Prenatal Bodypainting Martha Pranckuviene


Body Art  Martha Pranckuviene

Martha Pranckuviene is a relative newcomer in the bodyart world, having always been involved in Art in one way or another, she finally took the plunge 2 years ago and focused her goals and life around her tattooing and bodyart. She trained in Henna Tattooing in Camden in London in the late 90s, an influence that is still evident in her work today.

Martha Pranckuviene Body Art Ireland

Having U.V bodypainted and facepainted as a side project at dance gigs in clubs in Ireland in the late 90s, she gave up painting to work with children, running arts workshops and projects. She continued to paint on canvas and has exhibited in Galleries and Art centres around Ireland. Bodypainting was always her first love and is completely self taught in bodyart.

Baby bump painting Martha Pranckuviene.jpgpregnancy body art Martha Pranckuviene.jpgpregnancy body painting.jpg

Her main projects involve prenatal bodypainting, she aims to enhance the pregnant glow and to showcase the beauty of pregnancy ,including the father in photos – when they’re not too shy :) She took part last year in Irelands 1st bodypainting competition and is an avid supporter of all bodyart forms in Ireland

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Facebook: Marta2Martha Body Art  / Martha Pranckuviene Face and body Art

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