Japanese Straw Hair & Make-up art

Straw Hair and Make-up art

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During our journey through the internet we came across this fantastic piece of  Japanese make-up art, so we got in touch with the Photographer Ilko Allexandroff to learn more, and ask if we could publish it.

Japanese Straw Make-up Art

Ilko explains.. “This photograph is a part of a project containing some interesting make-up artwork! It is called “Anri Kolme” and it contains a series of photos of different profiles (side faces). The concept here was to use straws and make something really beautiful. It took the hair-make-up team hours to get her ready, and 10 minutes for me to do the shooting!”

 Straw Hair & Make-up art by: Asami Toyoda, Yui Hirosawa and Toshimi Nakanishi (Japan)

Photographer www.ilkoallexandroff.com  / Ilko Allexandroff Photography on Facebook



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