Chernobog (The Black God) – Body painting by Susanne Daoud / Juicy Body Art – Melbourne

“These great images came out of a body painting competition that took place at Melbourne Studio of Art in Melbourne, Australia in October 2012. Guidelines for contestants were to paint half a body within four hours, and guests at the event were able to watch the artists at work after half-time. The competitors came up with phenomenal results, and the photos from Dina Studio are a testament to their great work.” The event was coordinated by Lainie Cann , a visual artist also from Melbourne (Post 1 of 4)

Chernobog -The Black God Body painting - Jucy Body Art

Chernobog -Body painting - Susane Doud

Susanne Daoud body painter from Melbourne

Bio: “Susanne began face painting over 10 years ago in Newcastle, Australia. Despite pursuing university studies in music and a career in event management, face and body art always held a special place in her heart.  Last year Susanne left the corporate world behind to create the entertainment company, Juicy Body Art. Based on the idea that anyone can paint and that creating art together is lots of fun, Juicy Body Art runs workshop-style parties where guests try their hand at body painting and grow closer together through collaboration and laughter. Recently Susanne won first place with this Chernobog design which was also in her first appearance at a body painting competition at Melbourne Studio of Art.”


Title of work: Chernobog (The Black God) – Winner #1st place
Artist: Susanne Daoud / / JuicyBodyArt Facebook
Model: Tim Tam / Photography: Dina Studio /Dina Studio Facebook

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