– Glow Garden – Philadelphia

glow garden bodypaint me

Glow Garden is colorful loud glowing series of entertainment events created by Matt Deifer of in Philadelphia. The first Glow Garden was back in 2012 and each event has its own theme with musicians and bodypainters working together to bring you music, party fun and a glow to your face.  ILOVEBODYART are proud to sponsor the next event GLOW GARDEN: ‘Kat Face Edition’ which will take place on 9th August 2014 inside the garden courtyard of Philadelphia’s hidden gem, the Tiberino Museum!

GlowGarden philly

Things to expect:

♥ Blacklight bodypainting by Bodypaint.Me artists Matt Deifer, Britt Gentsch, Mariah Scarafone, Steve Shorts, Gabe Tiberino, Matt Phoenix, Dan McDonald and more!
♥ Glitter fairies by Funtown!
♥ Kat Faces drawn on everyone at the door!
♥ Glowing bubbles!!!
♥ 3D mapping projections by Stingray Bob!
♥ PARTY OWL!! OvO !!
♥ Party shenanigans documented by TCD Photography and Zamzuki Digital!
♥ Garden illuminations by JK Concepts!
♥ AND surprises. Lots of surprises!!


Check out this short video from the last Glow Garden to give you a feel for the vibe of the night ! Let yourself Glow !

Join Matt and the crew for a night of passion, freedom and artistic expression as they create the perfect balance of sight, sound, and fun through blacklight bodypainting and live music. When you arrive they’ll paint a kat face on YOUR face as they unleash you into the garden!

Join the event page on Facebook

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Jim Raubenheimer – Cape Town, SA

Jim Raubenheimer Body painter Art

Jeanne-Mare aka Jim Raubenheimer  is a multimedia artist from Cape Town, South Africa who specialises in SFX make-up and bodyart particularly for the film and media industry working for many international brands both in South Africa and around the world.

Body Art

Body Art Jim Raubenheimer

striped body paint

lion and antelope body art

“I have always had a passion and interest for all things creative, and things that inspire creativity. The problem being is, that pretty much everything falls into these two categories, which I guess makes me a pretty passionate and knowledge hungry person when it comes to the art world! I know its virtually impossible to see it all of the great artworks and places in the world, create all the ideas I have, and meet and learn from all the incredible artists who exist, but I sure am going to try anyway!’” Jim Raubenheimer

Jim Raubenheimer Body Paint Art  /

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Thailand Body Paint – Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong

Body painting Thailand Sorawith

Thailand Body paint

Thailand bodypainting

Thailand Body painter Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong

Body painting Thailand Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong

Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong Thai Bodypainter

Thailand Body painting

Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong

This selection of Body paintings from Thailand have been sent in by Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong who has been an active bodypainter in Thailand since 2001.  This is the first time we have featured an artist from the ‘land of smiles’. You can see more of Sorawiths creations over on his website and facebook page.