Street Art Camouflage – Nicotine Body Painters

Graffiti Camouflage Street Art


Nicotine Body Painters are Nicola Langridge and Justine Darwent, both professional face and body painters based in Cornwall, UK. They have been body painting as a duo for the past two years, but have over 35 years combined experience in the art and design industry. They specialise in detailed illustrative artworks as well as camouflage pieces and work across the country.

This Street Art Camouflage piece was created against one of the decorated walls on Nelson Street, Bristol where they painted their model, Bastien Perrod to blend in with the graffiti art mural.


Body Paint Camouflage Nicotene Body Painters

Nicola is also the founder and organiser of the annual body painting event ‘BodyFactory‘ that encourages collaboration between body painters, models and photographers to create incredible, unique living artwork.

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3D Carving – Graffiti Body Art – Znag – Russia

3d Graffiti Body Art Znag

Graffiti Body Art is a ‘Raw’ urban art form that has spread to all corners of the world.  It started many years ago in France with Street Graffiti writers painting their letters and names on their girlfriends as a mark of adoration and since then it has now spread world wide especially popular in Latin America, Europe and Australia.  The art-form is referred to by many as ‘Graffiti on Girls’

3d Graffiti Leg Znag

The ‘hollow leg’ image above went viral earlier this year, but with no credit attached to this it was thought to have been a photo-shopped image. However we can confirm this is not the case. The 3D Carved leg was created by Russian Graffiti artist, Znag.  We have been in touch with Znag who has sent us some more photos of his impressive 3D work.

Znag 3d Body Graffiti

Like many Graffiti Body Painters Znag uses an artist paint pen to create his works and although this choice of medium will certainly create debate among many professional body artists, the images themselves are impressive non the less and Znag is certainly ‘carving‘ himself out a niche

3D Graffiti Body Painting

graffiti body art

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‘Graffiti Leggings’ – G-Kill – Urban Bodypainter – France

Graffiti Legs -G-Kill -Chupa

G-Kill is an Urban Body painter from Lyon in France, he combines his abstract graffiti letter style in to his body painting and to date has painted over 700 girls. These photos are from G-Kills recent ‘Graffiti Leggings‘ series where he focuses on just painting the models legs in his custom designs – The Devil is most definitely in the detail with these ‘Shocking Stockings !‘.

Graffiti Legs -G-Kill


Graffiti Body paint Legs


G-Kill -Graffiti Legs


Graffiti Legs -G-Kill -Barb Wire


Graffiti Stockings


Graffiti body paint


Graffiti Legs -G-Kill - UV


You can see more from G-Kills in the Brand New ‘Holy Shriiimp’ – Graffiti Body Art Book.

 & the 2014 Graffiti on Girls Calendar

Le Body painting – Marine Ishigo (France)

“Je m’appelle marine , passionnée de dessin depuis mon plus jeune age, J’ai voulu marier la beauté du corps de la femme et ma passion du dessin : le body painting .”


urban body painting marine ishigo

French bodypainting - marine ishigo

bodypainting - marine ishigo.jpgbodypainting -marine.jpgbride bodypainting.jpgurban bodyart.jpg

wedding dress bodypaint