Miss Captain America Bodypainting – Cie Tibodypaint

Miss Captain America Body painting

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With the US state administration still on shut down, what better heroine could there be than this Miss Captain America bodypainting by Thibault Delobelmahy of Compagnie Tibodypaint, to save the day.

Miss Captain America Body paint- Compagnie Tibodypaint

Photography: Dominique Secher
Bodypainting: Compagnie Tibodypaint /
Modèle: Thaly Pifpafpouf

Robin Slonina – Skin City Body Painting – Las Vegas

American Flag Body painting


Skin City Body painting Puzzle


Robin Slonina is the owner of Skin City Body Painting in Las Vegas. Robin set up Skin City in 2006 and her and her team provide a full Body painting and photography service to clients for events, promotions or personal projects. The actual body painting is either done on location or within her well equipped studio and art gallery located at 1800 Industrial Road, Las Vegas NV 89102.

c50-SkinCity BodyPaint Swimsuits.jpgc58-SkinCityCircusAcrobats.jpgc68-SkinCityPlayingCards.jpgc8-SkinCity Basketball Jersey Body paint.jpgc9-SkinCity Flamenco BodyPaint.jpgc90-SkinCity Football Jerseys.jpg

Robin Slonina Skin City Body painting

Skin City Body Painting Snake.jpgSkin City Leopard Print Swimsuit.jpgSkinCity Body paint Lingerie.jpgSkinCityAquaSwimsuit.jpgSkinCityMondrianBodyPaint.jpgZebra Body painting.jpg

We should also mention that Robin is lined up to hit the networks in the new GSN series ‘Skin Wars’ which is due to air next year. Read more on the Skin City Blog

Lip Art – Kissed by a Superhero

Captain America Lip Art

 Captain America Lip Art

These great SuperHero Lip Art images titled ‘Kissed by a Superhero‘ are from a self promotional project by photographer Jonathan Knowles and make-up artist Celine Nonon. The Lip Art images were created at Jonathan’s studio in London before the last Avengers film came out. Post Production: Gareth Pritchard (Click images to enlarge)

Batman Lip Art

Batman Lip Art

Superman Lip Art

 Superman Lip Art



Baby Superheroes in Body paint

A couple of days ago we featured some ‘Burning Hot’ Body Paint at Burning Man photos by Mickey Thompson from this years gathering. However, we left the best, and most certainly ‘the cutest pictures we have ever shared’, til last.  As not only did Mickey and his friends paint the adult ‘burners’ but they also transformed 3 young willing models in to 3 fabulous baby superheros.

These kids are used to being around body paint, as their mothers are body painting models who have been featured in many high profile body painting projects, including Trina Merry’s Human Motorcycles. 

Mickey Thompson body painting kid burning man 2013

‘The Transformation’

Not only were the kids keen to be painted, but they more than happy to pose for these amazing cute photographs which have been provided exclusively by Sharyce from Uh-1 Productions in San Francisco. (click images to enlarge)

Baby Superheroes in bodypaint

 ‘Hear No, See No, Speak no….’


Baby Bodypaint super hero 1.jpgBaby Captain America body paint.jpgBaby Supergirl Body painted.jpg



Baby Superheroes

‘Tough Guy faces’ 

MT BodyPainting / Photography  © Uh-1 Productions

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