Death Star Body Painting ! Bump Wars !

Death Star Body Painting

These Death Star Body paintings on baby bumps are out of this world. The design above with X-wing star-fighter on the hand is by Amber Frederick ( Purplemonkeypaints ) in Utah and the cloaked Death Star Body painting design below is by Sue Lomolino ( The other Cheek Bodyshop ) in Tracey, CA.   The round shape of the Empire’s ultimate space station makes it such a great paint concept for these Baby Bumps.  The force really is strong with these two Body Artists !

DeathStar bodypainting

Alien vs Predator Face Paint – Emma Allen

Alien Face Paint

Keeping to the Halloween Season what do you think of these terrifying Alien and Predator Face paints by UK Face/Body Artist, Emma Allen. I sure wouldn’t want either of these flesh eaters Trick or Treating at my door. Which one gets your candy ?

Predator Face Paint


Cyber DJ Paint – Sophia Leadill Taylor, UK

Cyber DJ Paint - Sophia Leadill Taylor

You regularly find dancers with painted bodies at many big clubs, gyrating in UV & Neon colors to the bass-lines being pumped out by the Club DJ.  Sophia Leadill Taylor from North Wales has  ‘turned the tables‘ (No pun intended) and instead of painting party-goers she has instead taken her brushes and silver bodypaint to turn her model Sonia Allcock in to a Cyber DJ.


Cyber Dj Body Paint - Sophia Leadill Taylor

 Photography: Martin Fryatt / Body Art:

Body Art – New work from Victoria Gugenheim

Body art - All_Kingdom_Come Victoria Gugenheim “All Kingdom Come” / Model: Suzanne Edwards

Body Art - Conductus of Borg by Victoria Gugenheim

Body Art - Conductus of Borg Victoria Gugenheim

“Conductus of Borg”  / Model: Lawrence Krauss

“I bodypainted Lawrence Krauss, physicist superstar who wrote A Universe from Nothing and The Physics of Star Trek, who recently toured with Richard Dawkins for new the documentary ‘The Unbelievers’.” – Victoria G


Victoria Gugenheim Body Art on Facebook