Alan Anderson – Face and body artist – Denver,CO

Medusa Body Paint

Medusa Body Paint

Alan-Anderson-Body Painting-HR Borg

HR Borg

Alan Anderson Colorful Raven Body Painting


Alan Anderson is an award winning face and body artist from Denver, Colorado.

“I have been doing special effects make up for over 10 years. In 2010 I tried my hand at body art, and I have not looked back since. I own a 3500 sq ft photography studio in the Denver metro area that I spend my time at creating my body art pieces. I would say that my preference in this art is not to just create art on the human form, but to actually create characters. I enjoy taking a normal looking person, and turning them into some person, creature, or species from another time, place, or planet! My joy comes from the reactions I get when my model looks in the mirror. Their excitement and approval is what makes me want to keep creating!”

Gold Cyborg-BodyPainting-Alan Anderson

 Gold Cyborg

Naked Vegas – Star Wars Bodypaintings 2014

In preparation for Star Wars Day 2014 on May 4th, the team from Naked Vegas have released these cool Star Wars body paint creations. The Boba Fett Body painting was created by WISER and a female Darth Vadar Bodypaint by Kelly Belmonte (Red). Photos: Greg Anderson Photography.

Boba Fett Bodypainting Star wars

Boba Fett Bodypaint (Wiser)

Artist: Wiser Oner / Model: Portia Davenport / Photographer: Greg Anderson / Producer: Drew Marvick

Darth Vadar bodypainting

Darth Vadar Bodypaint (Kelly Belmonte)

 Artist: Red (Kelly Belmonte) / Model: Alexandra Tonge /Photographer: Greg Anderson / Producer: Drew Marvick

Behind The Scenes video

“May the fourth be with you” #starwarsday

Death Star Body Painting ! Bump Wars !

Death Star Body Painting

These Death Star Body paintings on baby bumps are out of this world. The design above with X-wing star-fighter on the hand is by Amber Frederick ( Purplemonkeypaints ) in Utah and the cloaked Death Star Body painting design below is by Sue Lomolino ( The other Cheek Bodyshop ) in Tracey, CA.   The round shape of the Empire’s ultimate space station makes it such a great paint concept for these Baby Bumps.  The force really is strong with these two Body Artists !

DeathStar bodypainting