Bodypaint designs based on Animals and the natural world

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NATURE - ANIMALOctober 16, 2014

Florida Wildlife Series -Shannon Holt

This ‘Florida Wildlife Series’ of body paintings by Shannon Holt include a Key Deer Fawn, Snowy Egret, Florida Panther, Horned Owl, Blue Heron and Florida Alligator with Baby


WORKING ART – Bodypainting Meets Business – Jörg Düsterwald 2/3

‘The Farrier’, ‘The Gardener’, ‘The Hunter’ and ‘Office management’ from ‘WORKING ART – Bodypainting Meets Business’ Bodypainting series by Jörg Düsterwald & team from Germany

NATURE - ANIMALSeptember 16, 2014

Hands off our Bottom – BLOOM / LUSH Body paint

On September 10th 2014 a live performance of body painting deep-sea creatures took place in flagship LUSH stores across Europe to symbolize the amazing diversity of deep-sea life and its extreme vulnerability to destruction.


The Faun – Nathy Champeau (France)

‘The Faun’ is the latest artwork by french bodypaint artists Nathy Champeau featuring Model Eric Bernaville. It was created in July 2014.


‘Roaring’ Lion Body art – Natasha Kudashkina

‘You Should NEVER look a Lion straight in the eyes !’ – but this one’s ok He’s just a l’il roaring puddy cat ! (click for video) Lion Bodypainting by Natasha Kudashkina

EMMA FAYJuly 3, 2014

Emma Fay – Tiger Balm x Born Free Foundation

To mark the launch of the Tiger Balm and Born Free Foundation partnership, Artist Emma Fay has created a stunning image of a tigers head

EMMA FAYMay 19, 2014

‘Marvels of Nature’ – Emma Fay

‘Marvels of Nature’ is the name of Emma Fay’s stunning series of Human Animals. Seahorse, Human Giraffe and Tarantula Bodypaintings

MAKE-UP ARTApril 15, 2014

‘Birds of Paradise’ – Paddy McGurgan

Multi-award-winning Irish make up pro, Paddy McGurgan, turned heads in Belfast’s famous Parliament buildings at Stormont with his artistic makeup show ‘Birds of Paradise’ which was a colourful production of body paint and creative make up .

BODY ART VIDEOSApril 1, 2014

Sphinx Moth illusion – Roustan BodyPaint

Moths are one of natures ‘masters of camouflage’ – watch the video below and you will this in fact a clever Bodypaint Illusion by Paul Roustan


Gesine Marwedel – Wonders of Nature

Body-painted Animals by German Body Artist, Gesine Marwedel. A Chameleon, Tiger, Pelican, Owl, Iguana, all creatively brought to life on the contours of each of her models bodies

EMMA FAYFebruary 20, 2014

‘Human Giraffe’ Body Painting – Emma Fay

‘Human Giraffe’ – Concept Body Artist Emma Fay from the UK teamed up with Contortionist Beth Sykes to create this most amazing Giraffe bodypainting

NATURE - ANIMALFebruary 18, 2014

Northern Pike – Becky Lyyski – Wisconsin, USA

This great leaping ‘Northern Pike’ artwork is by face and body paint artist Becky Lyyski from Wisconsin, USA

JENNIFER PINCELLIFebruary 15, 2014

Jennifer Pincelli – On Call Artistry – Columbus, Ohio

Selection of Body paintings by Jennifer Pincelli of ‘On Call Artistry’ – Columbus, Ohio

HELEN EYREJanuary 31, 2014

Helen Eyre – Living/Body Art – UK

Helen has competed successfully in several competitions and in 2013 won the National Face and Body Art Award at the AHT Competition Finals in Blackpool

BODY ART VIDEOSJanuary 22, 2014

Tiger Print Body Paint – Leslie Wandell

Behind the scenes video of Canadian Bodypainter, Leslie Wandell’s (FaceitTransformations) Tiger Print Body Paint

GESINE MARWEDELJanuary 21, 2014

Gesine Marwedel – Grasshopper, Flamingo and SeaHorse

German Bodypainter, Gesine Marwedel creates Grasshopper, Flamingo and SeaHorse Body paint illusions.

AUDREY DEFOLLIN 'CATZ'January 13, 2014

‘Mother Nature’ – Audrey Defollin (Catz)

‘Mother Nature’ bodypainting by Audrey Defollin / France

CAMOUFLAGENovember 15, 2013

Landscape Body Art – Natalie Fletcher

Natalie Fletcher creates some amazing landscape body art camouflaging her models in bodypaint so they blend with natures beauty

MANDI ILENENovember 10, 2013

Forbidden Fruit – Sizeable Body Art – Mandi Ilene

Forbidden Fruit is a series of 4 body paint artworks referencing the comparison of women’s breast sizes to fruit.

ERRICA GLASSSeptember 30, 2013

Mother Nature – Body Painting by Errica Glass

“Mother Nature was inspired by a field of flowers in Errica’s backyard of her beautiful home in San Martin, CA. We had just a short time to shoot the body painting knowing the flowers would not live forever.”


‘California Dreaming’ – Body Paint – Rose Delfino

“Rose Delfino did the body painting – all creations including the headdress and the shoes were handcrafted by her – not only a professional body painter but a costume designer as well”

BODYPAINT.MEAugust 9, 2013

Haitian Stamp of Approval –

Tropical body art design is based on an original Haitian postage stamp design by Matt Deifer –


Janier Roncancio – Body Paint Artist – Cali, Colombia

Janier Roncancio is a body paint artist from Cali, Colombia who has been bodypainting for 10 years.

MAURICE SAGOTJuly 29, 2013

Dolphin Bodypainting – Maurice Sagot – Costa Rica

Dolphin seascape Bodypainting by Maurice Sagot of Sagot Body Paint in Costa Rica. “Painting is my passion and I think I will paint for the rest of my life”

BODY ART VIDEOSJune 22, 2013

White Kitty Cat Body Paint – Natasha Kudashkina

White Kitty Cat Body Paint, self painted by the fantastic Natasha Kudashkina in Canada.


Tropical Frog Bodypainting – Johannes Stoetter

Tropical Frog five person Bodypainting by Johannes Stötter the current (2012) Bodypainting World Champion

ANKE CATESBYMay 21, 2013

Emu Bodypainting – Anke Catesby – Australian Body Art Carnivale

Emu bodypainting design by Anke Catesby won the title Winner of the Brush & Sponge category 2013 Australian Body Art Carnivale


Jules Bentley – Body Artist – UK

Jules Bentley is a Body Artist from the UK who has been using the human form as a canvas for 5 years

MANDI ILENEApril 30, 2013

‘The Lion King’ Bodypainting – Mandi Ilene

Body painting based on scenes from Walt Disney’s animation, The Lion King painted by Mandi Ilene- Professional Face and Body Painter from Orlando, Florida

MIGUEL ANGELMarch 30, 2013

‘Nature’ – Tropical Bodypaint by Miguel Angel – Colombia

“Nature”, a bodypaint piece that i made inspired in the forest life, something that i know very well, for my job at the zoo- Miguel Angel

BODYPAINTINGMarch 26, 2013

‘Life of Flight’ – A Bodypaint Series by Spinks, UK

‘Life in Flight’ is a stunning new high quality collection of Bird themed body paintings from Bristol based bodypaint artist ‘Spinks’


‘A New Life’- Bodypainting by Yvonne Zonnenberg – NL

New bodypaintings by Yvonne Zonnenberg in the Netherlands, including this colorful body art design ‘A New Life’

NATURE - ANIMALFebruary 28, 2013

Tenticular Body Painting – Sarah Swingle – Colorado

Tenticular Body Painting – Octopus themed body art by Sarah Swingle from Colorado

GUIDO DANIELEFebruary 27, 2013

Guido Daniele – Bodypainting – Italy

A selection of full bodypainting pieces by Italian body painter, Guido Daniele

ANGELA RENE ROBERTSFebruary 10, 2013

‘Toucan Falls’ Body Art – Angela Rene’ Roberts

Tropical, Toucan Body paint by Fine Art Body Artist Angela Rene’ Roberts from Louisiana.

LAURTIA MAZAPANFebruary 3, 2013

Laurita Mazapàn – Body Paint Artist (Spain / UK)

Last month we featured this piece of body art called ‘Connected’ (below) by Laurita Mazapan, we are delighted to

NATURE - ANIMALFebruary 2, 2013

Snake Body Paint – Boa Body Art

Full Body constrictor – Snake Body Paint


Wonder of a Horse – Matt Huntley – Bodypaint By Numbers

Wonder of a Horse – An exquisite Bodypaint Concept by Matt Huntley of Bodypaint By Numbers.

ANAVIR PADILLADecember 29, 2012

“Fenix” Bodypainting – Anavir Padilla, Venezuela

“Fenix” Bodypainting – Anavir Padilla, Venezuela

LESLIE WANDELLOctober 30, 2012

Leslie Wandell – Face It Transformations (Ontario, Canada)

Leslie Wandell is a body and face painter from Ontario and proud member of Cafaba (Canadian association face and body Artists) …

NATURE - ANIMALOctober 13, 2012

WISER – Scorpion Body painting

Scorpion Body painting with lobster-like pincers and a poisonous sting by WISER

MICKEY THOMPSONSeptember 18, 2012

Mickey Thompson – Leopard Body painting

Leopard Body painting by Mickey Thompson, body painter from Half Moon Bay, California.


Mr Shiz – Snakehead – Head Piece and Body Painting

‘Snakehead’ Bodypainting including custom made head piece by London based Body painter Mr Shiz featuring model Lynsey.

AIRBALLINJuly 24, 2012

Airballin – Rainbow Tiger Body Paint (Oakland, CA)

Thanks to De Andre Drake from Airballin in Oakland who has just sent us this great picture of a recent Rainbow Tiger bodypaint design that we really love !!!!

AIRBALLINMay 10, 2012

Airballin – Airbrush bodypainting (Oakland, CA)

De Andre Drake works under his company name Airballin. He’s a self taught airbrush bodypainter / artist now turned airbrush instructor