‘Birds of Paradise’ – Paddy McGurgan

Paddy McGurgan birds of paradise


Multi-award-winning Irish make up pro, Paddy McGurgan, turned heads in Belfast’s famous Parliament buildings at Stormont with his artistic makeup show ‘Birds of Paradise’ which was a colourful production of body paint and creative make up .

The make up maestro, who previously held titles such as European creative makeup artist of the year and winner of illamasqua’s professional distinction of makeup, chose to showcase at the venue as part of the city’s fashion week of which Paddy is the official make up partner.  The historic setting offered the perfect surrounding for the striking show as it added an extra dramatic element to his theatrical display.

CIARA make up bodypaint  Paddy McGurgan

Paddy and his team of ten make up artists, as well as his current make up academy students, spent an agonizing nine hours transforming ten models into colourful ‘birds’.

The dramatic show, incorporated all aspects and makeup techniques from special effects body painting using water based paints as well as advanced airbrushing, resulting in a spectacular visual display which mesmerized the packed out audience.  Gorgeous models sported large feathered wings and headpieces, as well as rhinestones and gems on top of their colourful body art to command light to hit the skin and give that sense of magic to the creations.


Paddy McGurgan said: “I always like to challenge myself and create new work which hopefully inspires others – it’s almost like an artistic release.  I chose the exotic birds theme as each bird has its own beautiful colour combination unique and individual to them which is how I believe all make up should be. It was a challenge to get so many models ready as previously I had only ever produced two full detailed bodypaints at any one time, but I have a great team and we put a lot of time into training and perfecting each of the looks before hand to make things run more smoothly on the day.”

Speaking about the make up show, Director of Belfast FASHIONWEEK Cathy Martin said: “I was really impressed by the amazing make up display put on by Paddy and his talented team.  It’s wonderful to have such exceptional creative talent in Ireland and it certainly offered an enthralling end to this season’s FASHIONWEEK.” 

BIRDS OF PARADISE bodypaint.jpgBirds-of-paradise-body-paint.gifmake up Paddy McGurgan.jpgPaddy McGurgan make up bodypaint.jpg

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Sphinx Moth illusion – Roustan BodyPaint

Moth Bodypaint Roustan

Moths are one of natures ‘masters of camouflage’ allowing them to sleep undisturbed during the day. The photo above looks like just another of these creatures resting on the bark of a tree, but watch the video below and you will see this in fact a clever Bodypaint Illusion by Paul Roustan……

 ”Sphinx moths, members of the family Sphingidae, are important pollinators. Also known as hawk moths, these medium to large moths coevolved with orchids. Most are nocturnal, though some, like the bumblebee or hummingbird moths, nectar during the day.”

Paul Roustan

Gesine Marwedel – Wonders of Nature

Body-painted Animals

This fine selection of Body-painted Animals were created by German Body Artist, Gesine Marwedel. A Chameleon, Tiger, Pelican, Owl and Iguana has been creatively brought to life on the contours of each of her models bodies, using black bodypaint and a black backdrop to hide the remainder of the body.

Tiger Bodypainting Gesine Marwedel

 Tiger Bodypainting - Gesine Marwedel

Chameleon Bodypainting Gesine Marwedel

Chameleon Bodypainting – Gesine Marwedel

Owl Bodypainting  Gesine Marwedel

Owl Bodypainting – Gesine Marwedel

Pelican Bodypainting Gesine Marwedel

Pelican Bodypainting – Gesine Marwedel

Iguana Bodypainting Gesine Marwedel

Iguana Bodypainting – Gesine Marwedel

Photography: Thomas van de Wall / © Gesine Marwedel

‘Human Giraffe’ Body Painting – Emma Fay

Human Giraffe Bodypainting

We’ve featured some great animal themed Body Art creations but this is the first ‘Human Giraffe‘. Concept Body Artist Emma Fay from the UK teamed up with Contortionist Beth Sykes to create this most amazing Giraffe bodypainting. The balance required by the model to maintain this pose is one thing itself, but to paint the perspective of the Giraffes stretched neck and spindly legs on a model in this position is certainly a feat of nature. WOW !

If you are interested in a purchasing a fine art print of this image please send us an email and we will let you know when/where these will be available.

Model/Contortionist Beth Sykes / Concept artist Emma Fay
Assistant Charlotte Mahdoodi / Photographer Jonathan Macauley

Here are a couple more of Emma’s recent concept pieces that take Body Art in to another dimension.

Emma Fay Concept Artist

Concept Body Art Emma Fay