Mona Turnbull – ‘Oil Paintings’ – Oxford UK

Frida Khalo Body Art

Frida Khalo / Model: Liesl Despy /Body Art and Photograph by Mona Turnbull

The Oil Painting Body Art Mona Turnbull

‘The Oil Painting’ / Model: Jade Marie

The Painted Body Art Mona Turnbull

‘The Painted‘ Model: Holly Anne Shaheen / Photography: Jamie Brown @ 410 Photography

Body Art Frida Khalo Mona Turnbull.jpgFrida Khalo Mona Turnbull.jpgFrida Khalo.jpg

Mona Turnbull has a BA in Business and Advertising Management and used to be employed as an administrator at Oxford University before embarking on a career as a freelance face and body painting artist. She has always been creative and interested in art from an early age. During her time as an administrator she also attended various art classes with the hope of one day achieving her dream of a career as an artist. She has won several awards including Charles Fox award in 2011 and the Illusion Magazine Inspirational Artist award in May 2013.

Filippo Ioco -’The Planets’ – Body Painting series

Mother Earth-Body Painting-Filippo ioco


The Planets, body painting series by world renowned Body Painter, Filippo ioco, The artworks are painted on 4 pregnant women whose bellies have been turned in to the Moon, the Earth, Mars and a Sun Star. Take time to view the videos as well which show Filippo applying his skills. These series is really ‘out of this world !’.

Sun Star - Body Painting - Filippo ioco


MOON Body Painting - Filippo ioco

‘MOON Watch’

MARS Body Painting - Filippo ioco


Filippo ioco is one of the most outstanding and groundbreaking Body painting artists of all time. It is his combination of experience, innovation and courage that has kept his work at the top for over two decades. His work has been featured in music videos, commercials, book covers, ad campaigns, printed media and such television shows as Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Ripley’s Believe it or Not to name a few. For people familiar with the Body painting world he is an icon, and for those new to the industry he is an inspiration as well as a role model. Filippo ioco also an accomplished Fine Artist and Decorative Artist dedicates a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work worldwide.

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RAW MUA of the Year 2013 – Angela Rene’ Roberts

Angela Rene Roberts Forever Blooming

 ”Forever Blooming” / Model: Luna Labelle

It’s been a great 12 months for New Orleans Body Painter/ MUA, Angela Rene Roberts as she won the 2013 National RAW Makeup Artist of the year! We first featured some of Angela’s fine art body paintings in January 2013 and are delighted to share with you more of her compositions, including this great Salvador Dali Bodypainting tribute below on Model Sean Jones, all which helped her secure this great accolade.

Angela Rene Roberts Body Art Eye See Dali

Eye See Dali” (Dali Tribute Body Paint) / Model: Sean Jones

Angela Rene Roberts Body Art Reflections

Reflections” (Face and Droplets Body Paint) / Model: Ashley Smith

Angela Rene Roberts Body Art - Love

Love” / Model: Courtni Bachelor

Angela Rene Roberts Body Art Letting Go

 ”Letting Go” (Peacock Body Paint) / Model: Denise Musso

Angela Rene Roberts Body Art Treachery

Treachery” (Rose Body Paint) / Model Jessica Rose

All photographs  ©  Cully Firmin

Congratulations to Angela Rene on the RAW title, watch some highlights from the awards below. 

Scott Fray – Living Brush Bodypainting

Living Brush Bodypainting Scott Fray

These Illuminating designs are by Scott Fray of Living Brush Bodypainting. Scott is the current world bodypainting champion for airbrushing (2013) and he has also won world championships in all of the three categories in 2012 and 2011, the only bodypainter ever to have done so.

Mind you this is just another milestone in Scotts’ bodypainting career as he and his partner Madelyn Greco broke the Guinness World Record for bodypainting in 2007, and founded “The American Body Art Festival” to do this.  He was also the premier inductee into the International Fine Art Bodypainting Association in 2010.

Scott Fray - Living Brush Bodypainting

Scott Fray World Bodypainting Festival

Scott Fray Madelyn Greco

This past year (2013) Scott and Madelyn co-founded “Living Art America” and are now sanctioned by the World Bodypainting Association as the official North American Bodypainting Championships. They brought in many prior world champions from the international community to participate in the event in Atlanta last year, and look to expand even more in 2014!

Scott Fray LivingBrush Body Art

c19-Scott Fray - Bodypainting.jpgc27-Scott Fray WBF 2012.jpgc61-Scott Fray Airbrush Bodypaint.jpgc58-LivingBrush.jpgc90-Living Art America Scott Fray.jpg

Living Brush

See more of Scott’s incredible creations at