Thailand Body Paint – Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong

Body painting Thailand Sorawith

Thailand Body paint

Thailand bodypainting

Thailand Body painter Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong

Body painting Thailand Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong

Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong Thai Bodypainter

Thailand Body painting

Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong

This selection of Body paintings from Thailand have been sent in by Sorawith Kanthitrakoonwong who has been an active bodypainter in Thailand since 2001.  This is the first time we have featured an artist from the ‘land of smiles’. You can see more of Sorawiths creations over on his website and facebook page.

7 Deadly Sins – A ‘sinful’ Body Paint series

7 Deadly Sins Body painting

Uh-1 Productions photographer, Sharyce Rains, was inspired to take on a bigger photo series and wanted to put a unique spin on the 7 Deadly Sins by using body painting. This series would not have been what it is without its Indiegogo backers and talented team of body painters, models, hair stylists and make-up artists.

When this series started Sharyce knew she wanted to use a coffin as the set and asked body painters to paint their sin as they portrayed it, with only one request, to incorporate each sins color. With six body painters this allowed the series to have a variety of artistic styles. As the series progressed it seemed painters favored painting outfits on the models. By the third sin, Sharyce requested the remaining sins stayed consistent with the outfits.

7 Deadly Sins Body painting – ‘Behind the Sins’ Video

The Sins…

On July 27, 2013 Team Gluttony kicked off the project. The model was gracious enough to let them cover her not only in paint, but candy and chocolate.

gluttony Bodypaint - 7 deadly sins



Body painter: Mickey Thompson / Hair Stylist: Michelle Qi
Make-up Artist: Cathy Dung / ​Model: Erin Gallagher

Envy started production early morning on September 22, 2013. The model had a few slithering friends join her in the coffin.

envy Bodypaint - 7 deadly sins



Body painter: Jessica Yurash / ​Body paint assistant: Sandra Moreno
Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist: Sandra Moreno
Model: Brooke Sheffer​ / ​Snakes: Aurelia, Calysto & Tesla

On November 24, 2013 the series got steamy with Lust. The model was the pure definition of lust.

lust Bodypaint - 7 deadly sins


Body painter, Hair Stylist & MUA: Sandra Moreno
Body paint assistants: Jessica Yurash & Sharyce Rains
​Model: Hendryx

After the holidays were over, Greed, rang in the new year on January 26, 2014. There was to much fun to be had with the models blonde wig. The project was more then half way over but it was time to wrap it up.

greed Bodypaint - 7 deadly sins


Body painter: Errica Glass
Body paint assistant, Hair Stylist & MUA: Sandra Moreno
​Model: Syren Lestat

On May 17, 2014 the teams tackled two sins, Pride & Wrath. Production was in full swing with rhinestones and blood galore.

pride Bodypaint - 7 deadly sins


Body painter: Trina Merry
​Body paint assistants: Gracie Ziegler, Tamiko Carrillo & Wenchi
Hair Stylist: Megan LaCore / Make-up Artist: Wenchi
​Model: Jackie Anderson

wrath Bodypaint - 7 deadly sins


Body painter: Chrysalis Rose
​Body paint assistants: Melissa Capistrano & Jeremy Corrales
Hair Stylist: Megan LaCore / Make-up Artist: Chrysalis Rose
​Model: Emily Deaner

The next day, May 18, 2014, they were all feeling pretty slothful which was a perfect finish to the series. Sloth even had a lazy puppy to add to the mix. After nearly a year the series was complete! “It was a very sinful experience” Sharyce stated.

sloth Bodypaint - 7 deadly sins


Body painter: Sandra Moreno
Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist: Sandra Moreno
Model: Wenchi / Puppy: Chewie

“This series is dedicated to my grandmother, Sandy. She has shown endless support and has been nothing but open minded along this sinful journey. I don’t think she knew what I was asking of her the day I requested to use her court yard for a body painting shoot.” - Sharyce

Body Paint Seven Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins Body Paint Photo Series Credits: Alia Griese, Angelo Taylor, Brea Shwartz, Brooke Sheffer, Cathy Dung, Carol Simmons, Chrysalis Rose, Ciara McLemore, Emily Deaner, Erin Gallagher, Errica Glass, Gracie Ziegler, Human Art Collective, Jackie Anderson, Jeremy Corrales, Jessica Yurash, Kristina Rivera, Megan LaCore, Melissa Capistrano, Michelle Qi, Mickey Thompson, Tamiko Carrillo, Trina Merry, Sandra Moreno, Sandy Rains, Sharyce Rains, Uh-1 Productions, Wenchi

Check to learn more about the project and purchase prints.

Game of Thrones Body Paint – Julie Hassett

Bodypaint Game of Thrones

Bodypainted Throne

Fans of HBO’s award winning series Game of Thrones  will surely recognize this image.  Los Angeles Body Artist Julie Hassett has created this replica of the Iron Throne created just from models and body paint.

For those that havent seen the show the photo below shows the Iron Throne which is a central to the shows plot as noble families fight for control of it.


Original Iron Throne from the HBO series

“This project took 12 hours to paint 16 models. We started with 15 models and realized we needed one more once on set…I had to jump in and be painted by one of my fellow artists!  It was a neat experience to stand where my models stand and to be a part of my own project in a new way.” – Julie Hassett

Game of Thrones Body paint


Artists: Julie Hassett, Karina Konupek, Sandra E Artist, Artsie Fartsie Facepaint

Assistants: Jensine Andrews, Jose Garibay

Models: Sheena Leigh, Nicholas Paul, Melanie Scotto, Tory McKelvey, Matthew Jensen, Emily Arnstein, Tasheena Medina, Dre Swain, Rasheedah Polk, Tom Courtney, Lilit Alexandrian, Evgeniya Aleshegina, Elena Romanova, Jean Rosati, Tracy McBurnett, Julie Hassett

 There are more behind the scenes photos on Julies website