Marge Simpson ‘in Bloom’ – Alexander Khokhlov

Marge Simpson body paint

Marge Simpson Face / Body paint tribute

It’s not every day we get sent flowers by email, but this morning we were sent this Marge Simpson face & Body paint tribute which has been created by photographer Alexander Khokhlov and his team. Look closely and you will see that Marges’ Blue Beehive hair is actually made from real chrysanthemum flowers Check the backstage video to see how this was created !

Marge Simpson is a cult cartoon character in the present world. We love Marge, that’s why we decided to make her alive using the skills of make-up, hairstyle, floristics and photography. It was important to pay attention to the details of original image. Veronica Ershova, the make-up artist, painted the model face and the stylist Mikhail Kravchenko created the huge hair – the calling card of Marge’s image. We wanted to make unusual hairstyle and Mikhail used real chrysanthemums painted in blue and special frame. With the real flowers we achieved necessary volume and texture.”Alexander Khokhlov

Alisia ‘Angel’ Silliman – Denver, Colorado

Dragon Body painting Alisia Silliman

 Dragon Body Painting

Alisia “Angel” Silliman Currently resides in Denver, Colorado. with her loving and supportive family. She has been bodypainting for a little over two years and facepainting for almost eleven. She is a costume designer and leather artist and uses these in her works. She owns her own company Angelcake Art LLC. Bodypainting is her passion and she intends to grow in her art and make it to the very top.

Monarch Butterfly Body paint

Monarch Butterfly Body paint 

Morte skeleton body art

Alisia Angel Silliman.jpgAlisia Silliman Angelcake Art.jpgSnake Body Painting - Alisia Silliman.jpegTiger Swan Body Painting.jpg

Sugar Candy – Skull Body Painting – Sophia Rose

Sugar Skull full Body Paint

Skull Candy Body Paint

Skull Candy Body Paint.jpgSugar Skull Body face paint.jpg

This full body ‘Sugar Candy’ Skull Body Painting is by Sophia Rose a fine art body painter based in Denver, CO. Sophia runs Xcentricity Body Painting which provide a full range of commercial services to clients in the region. We will be featuring more designs from Sophia in weeks to come but meanwhile have a look at….

 Xcentricity Body Painting on Facebook


Robin Slonina – Skin City Body Painting – Las Vegas

American Flag Body painting


Skin City Body painting Puzzle


Robin Slonina is the owner of Skin City Body Painting in Las Vegas. Robin set up Skin City in 2006 and her and her team provide a full Body painting and photography service to clients for events, promotions or personal projects. The actual body painting is either done on location or within her well equipped studio and art gallery located at 1800 Industrial Road, Las Vegas NV 89102.

c50-SkinCity BodyPaint Swimsuits.jpgc58-SkinCityCircusAcrobats.jpgc68-SkinCityPlayingCards.jpgc8-SkinCity Basketball Jersey Body paint.jpgc9-SkinCity Flamenco BodyPaint.jpgc90-SkinCity Football Jerseys.jpg

Robin Slonina Skin City Body painting

Skin City Body Painting Snake.jpgSkin City Leopard Print Swimsuit.jpgSkinCity Body paint Lingerie.jpgSkinCityAquaSwimsuit.jpgSkinCityMondrianBodyPaint.jpgZebra Body painting.jpg

We should also mention that Robin is lined up to hit the networks in the new GSN series ‘Skin Wars’ which is due to air next year. Read more on the Skin City Blog