Sphinx Moth illusion – Roustan BodyPaint

Moth Bodypaint Roustan

Moths are one of natures ‘masters of camouflage’ allowing them to sleep undisturbed during the day. The photo above looks like just another of these creatures resting on the bark of a tree, but watch the video below and you will see this in fact a clever Bodypaint Illusion by Paul Roustan……

 ”Sphinx moths, members of the family Sphingidae, are important pollinators. Also known as hawk moths, these medium to large moths coevolved with orchids. Most are nocturnal, though some, like the bumblebee or hummingbird moths, nectar during the day.”

Paul Roustan

Niño Gallardo Malatag – Body Painting suits Camouflage

Niño Gallardo Malatag Camouflage

‘Body Painting suits Camouflage’ A  commercial body painting project by Niño Gallardo Malatag - Philippines for Samsung Smart Camera / January 30 to Feb.4,2014

Samsung Body Painting

Niño Gallardo Malatag Body painting
Body Paint / Mural artist: Niño Gallardo Malatag
Models:Zoren Cepedoza and Jeric Gaña
Location: GLORIETTA 4, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines

Street Art Camouflage – Nicotine Body Painters

Graffiti Camouflage Street Art


Nicotine Body Painters are Nicola Langridge and Justine Darwent, both professional face and body painters based in Cornwall, UK. They have been body painting as a duo for the past two years, but have over 35 years combined experience in the art and design industry. They specialise in detailed illustrative artworks as well as camouflage pieces and work across the country.

This Street Art Camouflage piece was created against one of the decorated walls on Nelson Street, Bristol where they painted their model, Bastien Perrod to blend in with the graffiti art mural.


Body Paint Camouflage Nicotene Body Painters

Nicola is also the founder and organiser of the annual body painting event ‘BodyFactory‘ that encourages collaboration between body painters, models and photographers to create incredible, unique living artwork.

Nicotine Body Painters on Facebook

Graffiti Camouflage Body Painting – Orly Faya, Australia

Graffiti Bodypaint Art camouflage Orly Snir

(click for larger image)

Australian award winning body painter, Orly Faya (Fayotopia), was inspired to create a graffiti camouflage series after completing a live installation commissioned by WWF in 2013 (below)

Turtle Body Painting Mural Camouflage WWF

Street Art Owl Body Painting Orly Snir

Graffiti Body painting camo Orly Snir

Orly’s graffiti works have also been included in a documentary called “Walls That Talks”. She discovered recently discovered the work of Liu Bolin and is ever the more inspired to create camouflage art works.