Natalie Fletcher Paints …. Landscapes

Landscape Bodypaintings

Philly Landscape Natalie Fletcher

Philly Skyline 

We’ve featured quite a few of Natalie Fletchers Landscape bodypaintings before. But there really is no stopping Natalie for as you will see from this new selection. Natalie has been on her travels leaving Oregon for Philly and New York and camouflaging her models in to the landscape while shes there.  Check this new selection of photos which will play with you eyes. (click images to view full size)

Natalie Fletcher Landscape NYC Central Park

New York – Central Park

Camouflage bodypaint natalie fletcher

South Street Pier – Philly

Illusion landscape Natalie Fletcher

 “Inside” Landscape Illusion.

Lela Perez – Body Painter – Italy

Body Painter Emanuela Peretto

New work from Italian Body Painter Emanuela Peretto (Lela Perez), including this cool Mosaic style bodypainting (above) and a cool street art fusion piece (below)

Lelaperez Body Painter Italy

Emanuela’s body paintings have also featured in the following music videos.


SARA – cover “IRON” (Woodkid)


bodypaint swiss crash svamp /

Sphinx Moth illusion – Roustan BodyPaint

Moth Bodypaint Roustan

Moths are one of natures ‘masters of camouflage’ allowing them to sleep undisturbed during the day. The photo above looks like just another of these creatures resting on the bark of a tree, but watch the video below and you will see this in fact a clever Bodypaint Illusion by Paul Roustan……

 “Sphinx moths, members of the family Sphingidae, are important pollinators. Also known as hawk moths, these medium to large moths coevolved with orchids. Most are nocturnal, though some, like the bumblebee or hummingbird moths, nectar during the day.”

Paul Roustan