‘Bastet III’- A Bodypainting by Michael Rosner

michael rosner bodypainting Bastet III


Michael Rosner (Roz) is a very talented body painter and owner of Eye Level Studios in Sacramento, California.  Michael’s work is known for his complex layered style along with his distinctive visual influences that combine architecture and sacred geometry juxtaposed with either human anatomy or the anatomy of objects found in nature. This amazingly detailed piece titled “Bastet III” (Egyptsy) is based on the Egyptian cat-headed goddess, Bastet and took around 14 hours to shoot.


Model – Aliya Kalypso Choudhery   / Photography - David Gueringer
Destiny / Destiny Lind: Professional Hair Stylist/MUA
Headpiece / GARB by Kalypso  / Video / Alisa Daglio

Body Paint / Michael Rosner (Roz)  www.eyelevelstudio.com


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