BaLa BaLa – Fluorescent Bodypainting – Paris

Bala Bala UV Fluro Body paint fan


BaLa BaLa, a Parisian who grew up in the underground heart of the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris. After a journey though graffiti art he began Bodypainting at Trance parties. “Fluorescent paint creates a body language that aims to unify all the energies that are symbiotic in painting and music”.

UV Body painting

Bala Bala UV Bodypainting.jpgBala Bala UV Fluorescent Bodypainting.jpgUV Bodypainting Bala Bala.jpgUV Fluorescent Bodypainting.jpg

A Graphic style, reminiscent of psychedelic calligraphy seduces his audience. After painting more than 3000 people across the four corners of the world in a similar theme, a symbol is born. This symbol represents the lifeline and the sound wave representing an infinite possibility of this symbol on a body as we are all the same but unique. 

Bala Bala Fluorescent Bodypainting

BaLa’s favorite quote is : “Politeness is a mind that is grace in the face”.

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