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Rembrandt's Christ in the Storm Bodypainting Angela rene roberts

Rembrandt’s Christ in the Storm Bodypainting 

Angela Rene’ Roberts‘ is a Body Artist from Louisiana, USA.  She has had a love of art since a young child when she used to draw portraits. In 2011 she met Cully Firmin and a late internship introduced her to the world of fine art body paint and special effects makeup, helping also with glamour and high-fashion productions. These pieces are ‘classic’ and we are delighted that Angela has shared these with us.



Body Art Tribute to Leonardo da Vinci / Model: Cully Firmin


Edgar Allan Poe - Body paint.JPGEdgar Allan Poe - Body painting.JPGEdgar Allan Poe - Bodypaint.JPGEdgar allan Poe bodypainting.JPG


Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe / Model: J. Lynch / Photographer: Cully Firmin

Bob Marley body paint.JPGBob Marley bodypainting.JPG

Tribute to Bob Marley / Model: Ashley Smith / Photographer: Cully Firmin

Angela now works with Cully at Cully Firmin Photography and Production and is learning more about body paints, special effects makeup, and continues to do drawing commissions.

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