‘Action Bodypainting’ – Mike Shane – Luxembourg / Austria

mike shane action bodypainter

“I have been in the Bodypainting Business for 14 years now. It all started with this question: “How can i paint and integrate a company-logo on a body in the same sharpness as in print?. We developed the gluing stencil-technique and are able ever since to have that perfect logo in the painting. From that point bodypainting became a real marketing- and advertising tool and with that it was much easier to sell it. I actually could make a living out of it. :) “


“In parallel I wanted to find other ways than simply brush colors on a body respectively find more artistic ways of doing it. At the time a friend of mine offered me to use her “blue-room”, parts of the building she was living in were used by a local TV station, the building was to be torn away so she said i could really mess around as much as i wanted.

I had this picture in my head of flying white color that would hit a blue grounded model in front of a blue wall, literaly revealing the body within the second of the impact. The photos we got were so amazing that i decided to continue “playing and messing around” with liquid color. A couple of months after the first try-out “canon austria” discovered my work and wanted to bring that “Action-Painting” on stage, combined with music. That was basically the beginning of my work as a performer on stage. Nowadays people in the bodypainting-industry combine my name with Action-painting.”

mike shane body paint artist

“After becoming vice-european bodypainting champion in 2001, vice-world bodypainting champion in 2010 (with my friend OBSN) i was asked to become a judge at the World bodypainting festival, which i did 2 times. More jury-jobs followed in Korea, Munich, Slovenia, Switzerland. My personal highlight was the participation of the 6th Encuentro mundial de arte corporal in Caracas, Venezuela in 2011. I performed live on stage at the Theatre Theresa Carreno in front of 2500 people and also my art was shown at the museum for contemporary art.”

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“I am also part of the bodypainting academy teaching commercial bodypainting and In 2010 i founded the “CREACHIEFS” international corporation for bodypainting and art. CREACHIEFS include Chris OBSN, Birgit Mörtel, Lena Pock, Eva Brosch ” – Mike Shane 2013


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www.bodypainting.at   / www.CREACHIEFS.com  / Mike Shane Facebook Page

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