Aaron Knox – Airbrush Body Artist -Toronto

Aaron Knox Airbrush Body painting

bodypainting Aaron Knox

Aaron Knox, is an airbrush artist from Toronto Canada, and owner of liquid imprints face and body art. You can catch his work at various Allied beauty shows across Canada, Imats Toronto/Vancouver, Fanexpo, and various other conventions.

Body artist Aaron Knox

Duco – Latin – (draw, shape and construct) is distinguished by its line work, intricate and multi layered visuals. The design is based on spiritual and artistic influences of sacred geometry, abstract expressionism, post-graffiti and the astral body.

 (above & below) Model : Jason Hewitt / Photographer : Stephanie Bell

bodypainting Aaron Knox

Airbrush bodypainting Aaron Knox

(above) Model : Madison Chard / Photographer : Nuno Silva

(below) Model : Jason Hewitt / Photographer : Nuno Silva

bodypainting Aaron Knox white


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